Just Make The Bullying Stop

I might not be a girly girl or some one that has Ameba Gold,sorry that’s just me.

This is are really nice quote a ameba pico player write for an event.She mean that it doesn’t matter if you have ameba gold and you have to accept every one personalty. Image


Ameba Pico players virtually allergic to pets.

I think it’s really strange for Pico players to be virtually allergic to pets.I don’t understand how you can be allergic to a virtual animal that is nowhere near or around you.I guess if you see the animal your allergic to your body must think that it’s near you.As I went to an event with the title “Work” the room owner says

No pets here I’m allergic go away.

One moment later asking her how are you allergic I get kicked out of her room still with no answer how she is allergic to my PANDA.This is the second time in a day I had to be kicked out of another players room over being virtually allergic to a pet.I guess I wont to be able to take my panda Samurai anywhere.

Cheat engine Gives you props?

As i was at a event a female pico walked in a grew to a big size. She had got bigger and bigger,about 4x a normal pico size.At first there was only 2 people crowed around her me and another male pico. then out of the blue every started coming say woah or cool are ahhhhh. Every time someone in pico use this CHEAT ENGINE  or HACK people crowd around them it’s really all the time.


A Interview with a bully victim

I really wanted to do a post on a bullying topic better then my last one. Here I asked a female pico if I could interview her on the bullying topic

 A S A M I: ok

A S A M I: do you like pico ameba?

k732000: Yes i do

A S A M I: where do you find out about pico?  k732000: Um my friend told me

A S A M I: have u ever been bullyed in pico yet? k732000: Yes i Have Many Times.

A S A M I: do you know how many times?

A S A M I: more than 1?

k732000: Like 5

A S A M I: how do you feel about it

k732000: It makes me sad that people cant die in a hole if they are mean

A S A M I: are those people mostly that bully you ameba gold users?

k732000: Yes.

A S A M I: have a none ameba user ever bully you?

k732000: Yes

A S A M I: ok thank you.

It’s really sad some times how people in pico are really hurt getting treated bad.

Follow your dreams

Even though this post is off topic it still means a lot. In less then 1 hour I have reached a goal it would take at least 2 days to achieve. I meet an amazing young blogger that now follows me and she is promoting my blog. And now I’m a guest writing for pico style. Even though a guest writer is not much it’s still something. (^-^)/

2 subjects would you like to wear more clothes& more wigs in ameba pico for none AG users

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wear as much clothes as we can in Pico.

For my I would just wear at least 15 clothes on 10 of that total would be hand haled items.

-My friend said

I would just wear at least 13 items.

Now let’s get to a good topic of today…

 There be more wigs for none AG users.

-my friend said

To me yes there should truly be more wigs for us instead of buying it with AG. There is only 1 wig type without buying fully with AG. This wig is in disco club. Yellow hair or brown your pick. I think there cute.

I think there super cute, who would dislike them! (^O^)